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Morceau en cours : "Oh Darling (Lennon - Mc Cartney)", et aller écouter et charger les autres Beatles's Midi files !

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Links for the tracks in Midi format: to click on the name of the tracks (** = tracks revised since then).

Links for the files in TableEdit format * tef = (Fingering chart for guitarists under Tabledit) in zip to dowload.


TEFView to view/Print (fingering charts) & listen (in midi) the entirety of formats * TEF of this page is entirely free.

(Thank you Matthieu LESCHEMELLE for this favour has! as for its excellent Tabledit).

To download -»«- clic here.

Also allows to read the TablEdit files on other sites


Tracks all designed with the assistance of   and  (see Studio)

Realisation: H. Escourolle (Last update since the 30/06/2001  : 30/07/2008).