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Histoire du Groupe SAN et de 3 copines de Lycée - © Maëliss, Claire, Cloé.

Claire (Bass, Drums)

Maëliss (Voix, Guitare)

Cloé (Drums, Basse)

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[Juillet 2004]


Creation of SAN Band, after concerns of the high school graduated, which were quickly unobtrusive... That begins with recoveries, in all kinds, history to make turn a few pieces and to learn how to work together.


Then after having wearied itself to take again pieces already made, they decide to launch out in the composition of their own pieces. Not easy all things considered... It was their first experiment groups some for all three... And the first concerts arrived... of which:


[8/04/05] : Cave à Vin le "'Chai et Rasades" in Gaillac (Tarn - France)...


[3/06/05] : Albi Bellevue college


[12/11/05] : Exhibition site, "Scenith" of Albi at the time of the Official reception of the School of the Mines.


[24/12/05] :


... San it is already over ! The  Band break done, having not enough time to plan concerts (studies and geographical distance of the 3 accomplices). Each one took a different way but all remain friendly and play music together sometimes for the fun.

© Maëliss, Claire, Cloé


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