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Who are us ?


FAMS - Corporation

MyStreet X Suite A

ALBI, CA *****


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URL: www.famm.com

Email: he@famm.com


In this manific town of ALBI charged with its Cathare history and in its environment, where it is so good to live at 1/2 hour from Toulouse, in full south-west of France in the Tarn, we know what quality way of life means ...

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The Autor

First name : Hervé   Nickname : Le Paté 

Year of birth : 11 Mayo 1953

Profession : Doctor Hospital Expert Endocrinology, diabetology

Likes : Computing, control F1-Rally and flight simulators..., playing music, the music computer-assisted (MCA), the photographic and video assembly, chess, Bridge Photo and vidéo, card game, evening parties with friends of him, southern France's and mother in law's food, his parents in law as his sister in law and his brother in law, being repeated myself, joking, hot milk with sugar, coca cola, its American refrigerator and the ice floes, its new car

"Peugeot 406 coupé".

dislikes : the do-it-yourself, being watched when he swim, the endives, cauliflowers, losing his keys (it is in his pocket most of the time !...), being shot by camera, politicians, being criticized without reason, Claire burping rudely in the kitchen (there it is banned.), when Michele passes the vacuum cleaner while he is recording music... 



Email: me@xyz.com



 May 1970 : First electric guitar 

 1975-1981: the most prolific years in instrumental composition until the preparation and the success with the contest of "l'internat en medicine" of the hospitals of Paris

1985 : Year of Thesis in Doctorate of Medicine, first contacts with data processing PC (DBASE) and 1st computer (APPLE IIe  and programming in BASIC, followed by a  PC Zenith Dated System), then nomination  as "Chef de Clinique-Assistant des  Hôpitaux de Paris" Service Pr Luton CHU  Cochin, and reinforcement of computer  operation (Management data bases  DBASE).

 September 1991: Arrival on Albi, nomination with the contest of Doctor of the   Hospital and reorientation towards the ludic data processing of which return to the music and training on the music computer-assisted (MCA)

 May 1998 : 1st access to the Internet numéris

 October 1999: Beginning Free Albi Midi Music,

 5 January 2000 : Stop Tobacco !!! 

Instruments : Guitare, Basse, Clavier.

Formation : aucune

Influences : America, Beatles, Eagles, Dire Straits, E. Clapton, C. Santana, ...  his childrens

The son

First name : Guillaume,  Nickname :Guitou 

Year of birth : 1984 

Profession : Student in engineering school INSA, Toulouse

Likes : Travelling and meeting new people, playing and recording music, rugby, les fetes de Bayonne, having nice evening with friends(or girl...lol), jokes and humour, discussing, debating and building better world ... and all little pleasure of life...

Dislikes : cabbage of Bruxelles, oyster plant,  "trading music", stubborn and closed-minded people, assholes, dad drinking too much coca-cola ....

English Blog : www.myspace.com/guitou81

Email: gescouro@etud.insa-toulouse.fr



 1997 : Start learning the Guitar

 2003: Records-first original track                         called TTRS

 2008 (Maybe hope so!): Graduated in Biochemistry and bioprocessing at the French engineering school INSA.

Instruments : Guitare, Basse, Drums

Formation : self-taught person in Drums, bass and guitar.

Influences : Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors,Georges Brassens, Muse, Bob Marley, Yann Tiersen, NTM, Jedi Mind Tricks, Chopin, Metalica, Carlos Santana, Buena Vista Social Club, Paco de Lucia, Django Reihnardt, Maria Callas, Goldman, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, IAM, The Clash, Renaud, Jacques Brel, Beethoven... his father ?

The Daughter

First name : Claire,  Nickname :Claire'chou

Year of birth : 1986 

Profession : student in university in Languages and civilizations foreign (Italian - Chinese)

likes : playing music, speaking Italian, the Italian theater, cold milk, rotten bananas, "Suzette" Maëliss's car, chinese culture, doing the washing-up, being barefoot, telling shit, brownies, "crunch" chocolate, rugby, telling "tac tac, bien pris!", "Oh, c'est beau!" watching rugby games, ...


Dislikes : being listened when she chat during a rugby game, spinaches, losing "Coco" (her handbag...), being shot by camera, cock-tease, people that criticize Patrick Sébastien or Francis Cabrel....


Email: me@xyz.com



 1992: Training Violin, Flute

2002: Begin the Battery, Harmonica

2004: Graduated and Bass acquisition

 September 2005: Begin, finally, the guitar

Instruments : Drums, Bass, Guitar, Flute, Harmonica.

Formation : Drums during 5 years, self-taught person in bass and guitar, violin during 1 year.

Influences : FaDo, Stéreophonics, Les Wriggles, Ben Harper, Françis Cabrel, Incubus,Red Hot Chili Peppers ... his father ?

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