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"The organ is connected to the machine.

The organ: Five fingers, one hand.

The machine: Six strings, a beam of metal.

A metal beam which vibrates of the electricity

that comes from the copper winding been fixed at its base.


The hand, filled up with its own nervous electric impedance,

run on the strings tended on this long metal beam.


The six strings oscillate in rhythm under the pressure of the five fingers.

The strings are connected to a body.

An electric body.

A guitar.


This body-machine produces sounds and has a proper name.

It has even a history, which is nearly a miracle in this world.


And what is still better, under the hand which run on the electrified space of metallic strings,

under the five fingers who stretch themselves with the harmonic chords,

this body-machine has also a future.

It is a product even rarer than the previous.


We are in the world of the After, the world of the After world.

And in this world, only the hand that runs on metal strings

in order to produce sounds,

in order to make some emerge a voice,

only this hand can do singing the machines.


It is the hand that cures."          


Maurice G. Dantec.

Grande Jonction - Chapter I Radiohead, first lines  - Novel ed Albin Michel. August 2006



La médecine adoucie les maux,

La musique adoucie les moeurs.


Dr Escourolle Hervé, Mars 2007 :

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