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Here is the family Free Albi Midi Music Production : 173 Beatles's pieces sequenced in midi format including 73 in TablEdit format, 8  Laura Pausini's remix records in mp3 format, discover of the groupe SAN through photographs and audio of the band (Claire, the daughter),  the Guitou (Guillaume, the son) and finally 62 personal Original records.

Track in progress: " That mean a lot" (Lennon - Mc Cartney), and outward journey to see other Beatles's Midi files!

[29 Juillet 2008]

Totale template web site revision and renew with work on several  project. New pieces at the Guitou   

[Juillet 2006]

Total reoptimization of interface. Thus Free Albi Midi Music answers at the requests of resumption of development.


[1 juillet 2001 - 1 juillet 2006]


The site fell into disuse on the web without update but still remaining a considerable rate of visit. Besides the studio quite improved since then:  Purchase of material (hardware - software - Guitars), technical improvement in Music computer-assisted, accoustics studies , 4 CD of personal compositions, various adaptations (of which Laura Pausini)...


[1 Octobre 1999 - 30 Juin 2001]


Improvement of Free Albi Midi Music with over 22 months last the séquencage of 173 traks of Beatles in midi format including 73 in TablEdit format, and 10737 visitors.


Free Albi Media Studio